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Modifiable Enterprise Software

Meeting your needs

We provide and license low cost software with full enterprise features. Our software implementation methodology is based on customer-directed modifications that are applied to FBS screen templates, allowing us to provide you with an application that meets 100% of your requirements.


The key benefits of using Fdata Framework and FBS include:

Model First Development

Fdata's "Model First" approach ensures your business requirements are captured and prototyped first. Changes to requirements can be made in the Model and immediately reflected within the application, without any need for redevelopment. In an ever-changing business world your application can adapt without the need of recoding - a saving of time and effort and a reduction in application errors. Our methodology includes steps to:
  1. Create the model - by identifying your requirements
  2. Pilot the application - by putting it in front of the user group
  3. Adapt screens and integrate with legacy systems - adaptations are based on user feedback
  4. Deploy - begin using the system to run your business
Clients and Scheduling

Clients and Scheduling

Using FBS Fdata has built several industry specific solutions based upon the concept of Clients requiring service to be delivered at a specific time.  These solutions have been used in:

  • the Home Renovation industry to schedule trades at a work site,
  • Immigrant Aid for the scheduling of Volunteers to deliver interpretation and translation,
  • Event Management industry for the tracking and management of freight from a customer’s location to a trade show and back.