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If you would like a demonstration of FBS or Framework email and we'd be happy to put setup a WebEx for you.

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Fdata Business Suite

Fdata Business Suite (FBS) is a new way to build business software; MOTS (Modifiable Off-The-Shelf) Software. FBS modules are designed to be adapted and modified to meet 100% of the client’s business requirements. Each module begins as a basic template, this sets up the standard functionality of that specific process:

Sales Manager
Contact Manager
Business Process Manager
Operations Manager
Document Builder
Case Manager
Web Services

Document Builder Blurb

New Module: Document Builder

With Fdata's Document Builder users can create customized reports using Microsoft Word or Excel.  With only a basic understanding of Word and Excel users can create their own reports that meet their specific requirements.

About Us

Our Software Your Way

Tin SmallAt Fdata we build database applications to address specific industry needs. Our customers modify the application to meet 100% of their requirements. Our software provide the stability of a commercial-off-the-shelf solution with the flexibility of a custom application.