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Fdata Business Suite

Fdata Business Suite (FBS) is a new way to build business software; MOTS (Modifiable Off-The-Shelf) Software. FBS modules are designed to be adapted and modified to meet 100% of the client’s business requirements. Each module begins as a basic template, comprising theFramework Screen standard functionality of that specific process

FBS is the software you hoped you would find when you were shopping around for a new system; flexible, inexpensive, simple to use, highly scalable, easy to install and able to adapt to meet with future system requirements.

FBS leverages smart client technology, allowing it to use the processing power of the user’s desktop while still providing common, centralized data storage.   Business logic is processed on both the desktop, to speed up data entry, and on the application server to ensure integrity. All the data is stored in an Oracle Database. The ability to open up multiple data screens (records) within the application ensures user’s can quickly find the data they are looking for and view associations between the records.

FBS is built upon Fdata Framework v3.0; a toolkit for automating the building of database applications.  Additional configuration to add fields to screens, and modifications for additional data entry screens can all be done by using Eclipse or Oracle’s JDeveloper.  All the work in building the database and GUI are done by Framework, leaving the developer to focus on modifying the business logic.